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Spain Walking and Tasting Adventure on the Camino De Santiago

Join me for a hand-crafted gourmet food and wine walking tour on Northern Spain's legendary Camino De Santiago trail - June 27-July 6, 2016.
So you wanna enter your first muscle competition?!

I'm so very proud of my client Wendie Wilson for getting 3rd place in the NPC Orange County Muscle Classic!  She was in the Master's Bikini Category 40+
Stayin' Alive with a little help from The Bee Gees

As a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, it's mandatory that I take a CPR course every 2 years. I've been doing this for about 15 years since starting my business "Get Fit with Witt".

Last month something very fast and loud happened in front of my car on the way back home from LAX airport after being out of the country in Scandinavia for a conference.
Top 5 ways to Eat Healthy while Travelling this Summer

Summer is here and it's a time of travelling for many families. But even if you're not traveling for pleasure this summer (the fabled "corporate road warrior"), there's plenty of ways to eat healthy and feel great while "on the road" and on vacation.
An Active Journey in the Holy Land

About a year ago I introduced a website called HIKE THE HOLY LAND after an unforgettable trip I did to Israel, Palestine and Jordan. I was so impressed by the land, the people, the history, the food /drink, and the music that I knew I wanted to help travelers that always dreamed about visiting the Holy Land on an active tour to connect more authentically, immerse in the culture, and truly live the experience as it unfolds.

Ohio Amish Country Fall Foliage Adventure - October 20-24, 2016
Join me on a unique heritage experience to the World's largest Amish Community. I've hand-crafted a special itinerary to include cultural immersion, nature walks and yoga, food and wine tastings, local theater, and more! And we'll be there for the beautiful Fall Foliage !
These 3 Factors Inhibit Blood Flow to your Brain
  Brain health is important, I don't have to tell you that! Our brains control every tissue, cell, and organ in our bodies, so blood flow to it and thus oxygen saturation into the tissues is vital.
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