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Ohio Amish Country Fall Foliage Adventure - October 20-24, 2016
Join me on a unique heritage experience to the World's largest Amish Community. I've hand-crafted a special itinerary to include cultural immersion, nature walks and yoga, food and wine tastings, local theater, and more! And we'll be there for the beautiful Fall Foliage !
These 3 Factors Inhibit Blood Flow to yoru Brain
  Brain health is important, I don't have to tell you that! Our brains control every tissue, cell, and organ in our bodies, so blood flow to it and thus oxygen saturation into the tissues is vital.
10 New Year's Do's and Don'ts
Happy 2016 everybody!  Well, the looooong Holiday Season is over and we're all pretty much back to reality and back to our regular daily pace. Here's my list of 10 things To Do and Not To Do in this new year to help boost and develop your peace of mind, serenity, balance and happiness.
Off the Grid in Berlin - How 7 days without a cell phone or email reawakened me

I consider myself a novice travel blogger / social media poster, and general all around lover of travel and exploring new places. Just recently I spent a week in Berlin checking out all of the city's many sights, museums, and various neighborhoods. But what happened on my first day changed the entire trip dynamics and me personally.

Work off the Thanksgiving Calories Hike - Gabrielino Trail
  Starting in an Altadena neighborhood near Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), let's be grateful for a walk through riparian groves along a tranquil stream bracketed by steep ridges. A trek to Gould Mesa Trail Camp is 5.1 miles round trip with 300 feet of elevation change.
Don't forget about your Neck Muscles
   As a health and fitness coach for well over 12 years now, I'd say one of the most neglected muscle groups for strengthening and stretching is our neck muscles.  These muscles move our heads through various ranges of motion - extension, forward flexion, lateral flexion and rotation.
Top 5 Ways to Recharge and Rejuvenate Mid-Day


Uh oh. It's a Tuesday, say 2:30p...lunch is digesting...your mind starts to lose feel've suddenly slipped into the mid-day slump-a-dump. Does this scenario happen all too often? maybe it's at another time during the day, maybe it's even all day!

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