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Lifestyle Insights Report

Objective: Designed to Help You Take Charge of Your Health and Your Well Being. It’s an Owner’s Manual for your Body-Mind. Created Especially for YOU…by YOU.  

Description: It takes just 8 minutes to respond online with an assessment, and your customized Lifestyle Insights Report is generated to help you stop stressors, break bad habits, tap into your personal energy, and harness your happiness. You’ll get to know yourself better, understand how your body’s inter-related systems affect you, and it will provide answers about your body and wellness.

There is no right or wrong way to live, but each of us has a unique course to follow through life. Your personal Lifestyle Insights Report will give you a better understanding of yourself and what is right for you. When you finish the program, you won’t just feel better… you’ll feel better about yourself!

Choose a discovery path to use in conjunction with your Lifestyle Insights Report: Personalized Self Guided Workbooks, Online Interactive Programs, In-Person or Telephone Debriefings, and Group Workshops and Seminars are all available.

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View a Sample Report: Smith_Jamie_Lifestyle_Insights_Report.pdf

Create Personal Wellness in All Areas of Your Life

Objective: Through highly interactive individual or group experiences, participants will learn how to design their own personalized strategy for improving their health, wellness and energy. It’s like an Owners Manual for your Body!

Description: We use your Lifestyle Insights Report to take you through a highly specialized debriefing and discovery process. It’s an individualized map to energy management and personal transformation. It also provides critical information on how to effectively take care of one’s self. It will empower each individual by providing information about their wellness status, behavioral tendencies, and most important, motivations and obstacles for self-improvement. When you finish the program, you won’t just feel better, you’ll feel better about yourself!

How to Manage my Crazy Life and Workaholic Body?

Objective: The program shows how most high performing individuals can actually get more work done in less time, and have more time left over for friends and family and fun, once the psychological obstacles to success are removed and a person has returned to the "roots" of his or her heart, passion and purpose.

Description: If there is one thing that all successful people have in common it is this: the pace of their lives and their overwhelming commitments make them feel that they have lost their "joy" and are at serious risk for losing the support of their friends, colleagues and loved ones as well. This observation is not speculative, it reflects the real-life case histories of CEOs., business leaders and other high-performing individuals that have been counseled by Jack Witt.

To address this need, Witt, who has been a Health and Wellness Coach since 2003 to leading individuals and organizations, offers a simple process of life improvement that deals with the heart-not just the body.

By carefully examining the deeply rooted passions and dreams that most high performing individuals have carried since childhood, Witt helps his clients and seminar participants to figure out what matters most to them-even if it means uncovering lost dreams and desires they may have ignored on their way to success. The program helps individuals to recapture the passion, purpose and vision of their youth, and to systematically remove any and all psychological barriers that may be causing them to ignore their physical health and well-being along with their most important personal love relationships.

Energy Management
Design your Life – Just for the Health of It!

We will provide you with simple, cost effective, self-care skills that add new intelligence, balance and quality to all aspects of your life. It’s all about taking care of you!

Learning and practicing Lifestyle Insights you will be able to:

  • Stop stressful reactions in the moment before they deplete your vitality
  • Slow down the aging process and improve your health by attaining: new levels of mental and emotional management
  • Gain more comprehensive perspectives and find balanced solutions to problems
  • Enhance your creativity and increase mental clarity

You will be able to apply Lifestyle Insights in:

  • Health – to slow the aging process, improve cardiovascular efficiency and reduce physical symptoms
  • Business – to overcome job anxiety, transform stress into creative energy and improve communication with co-workers and clients, which increases productivity and improves morale
  • Relationships – to successfully deal with family conflicts, improve communication and enhance the quality of interactions with spouses, partners and children
  • Activities – to achieve a harmonious, "entrained" state which improves mental, emotional and physical performance in exercise, golf, hiking, tennis or your favorite sports activity

As a result of participating in this program, you will…

  • Understand how motivational behavior patterns-your own and others’ – influence job satisfaction and productivity
  • Gain new tools for understanding and describing what work characteristics motivate you specifically: create professional challenges
  • Improve relationships with co-workers
  • Once people are aware of how their behavior and movement patterns are affecting their back pain, headaches, etc. We can then re-educate individuals to a healthier way of sitting, standing, moving

Relationship CPR: Creating Personalized Relationships

How to bring your strained personal and professional relationships back in line. Description:
To give participants tools for talking when the stakes are high and strategies for preparing broken relationships. Which results in:

  • Reduced workplace stress and anxiety
  • Improved teamwork and relationships between departments
  • Improved communication
  • Increased achievement, satisfaction and trust

Topics Covered:

  • Personal, Professional, Social Relationships
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Language Differences
  • How Personal Behavior Affects Others
  • How Others’ Behavior Affects Self
  • How to Achieve Professional Goals Regardless of Relationships
  • The Energy Available Between Personal and Professional Time

Miracle Window: Your Journey to Personal Growth and Wellness

To create a meaningful and powerful journey into a new world of growth, discovery and change. Your journey will empower you to learn more about the authentic YOU with integration of spirit, mind and body.

This program is unique for everyone. We will use the Lifestyle Insights report that looks at your behavioral tendencies and preferences. The knowledge you gain from this process prepared you for your journey toward growth and abundance.

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