Delivering Health and Fitness in the San Fernando Valley

Living and working as a personal fitness trainer and corporate wellness coach here in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles gives me a chance to meet many people from many different industries, ethnicities, backgrounds, and experiences. I’ve learned allot along the way, such as people have a variety of personality styles and need to be communicated to and motivated differently. And, that people have a variety of goals, wants, and needs. It’s not always just to look good on the beach that gets people to pick up the phone and call me. Sometimes it’s to lower cholesterol or stress, or to increase bone density that I get hired. Sometimes it’s to gain energy and endurance for work that clients use me for.  I’ve been hired to make HIV levels undetectable, thwart off side effects of medication such as prednisone, and re-establish range of motion and muscle mass after strokes and surgeries. Along the way, I’ve developed friendships, respect, and trust with all of my clients. I may not be a trainer to the stars, but each person that I have the privilege to train, are definite stars to me. They are the hard working, everyday people that drive the economy and shape our local communities. they are each unique in what they do, how they do it, and what they offer to society. They each have something that they’ve taught me, being directly or indirectly.

So to celebrate that and spread the positive energy of good health here in the San Fernando Valley and beyond, call or email me this month (August 2007) and tell me you read this blog post and I’ll sit down with you for 30 minutes (if you live in the San Fernando Valley) or on the telephone and answer any and all questions about optimizing your health and fitness. 


Delivering health and fitness to my San Fernando Valley community is part of my core values and core purpose. 

To your health!

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