a week for full effects.

As part of work-life balance, I recently went on vacation to Asia. It was very intriguing, exciting, and fun. I admit, I was feeling guilty about taking time off from work leading up to my initial flight into Hong Kong.  However; the minute I landed, I knew that since I hadn’t had a vacation in years, it was time for me to let go and really unwind.  It was a chance to forget who I was, what I did for a living, and all my responsibilities back in California. 


The total duration of my vacation was 10 days. (4 nights in Hong Kong, and 5 nights in Thailand). It really took 5 days to start to begin to decompress. By the 10th day I felt 100% totally decompressed and elated.  Now, at that point, I actually felt I could have used about 3-4 more days to maximize my decompression and work-life balance. But, it was time to return.


On the flight back, I realized that throughout the past few years I was taking 3-4 day weekends and considering them vacation. Boy was I wrong. That really is no way to properly decompress, especially if it’s a busy sightseeing type city trip. You may be able to get an initial phase of decompression in a long weekend if you go to a beach resort or quiet outdoor park and just do nothing. Maybe read some books, do some artwork, and/or meditate.  But, it just can’t be done on a long weekend trip to NYC or San Francisco.  You really must take at least a week off for the full benefits, and I learned that the hard way.


It’s important to pay attention to the balance in our lives and make sure we’re getting enough of that “me” time.  When you do get away for a while, you come back refreshed, with new ways of thinking, and newfound focus and determination to improve your quality of life wherever you live. 


So you have permission from me:  TAKE A VACATION!

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