LifeStyle Insights Followup

Thank you for taking the Lifestyle Insights Assessment. As you continue through this post-assessment process you will gain valuable insights into who you are, what you need to do, and where you need to go to begin a healthy lifestyle program that will meet your specific goals.

Step One:

Understand your "core" behavioral style.

You will now be looking more closely at the Lifestyle Insights Graph on page 13 of your report. Find the highest and lowest percentage points of your “Core” Behavioral Style (Graph II).

Look for the highest percentage point on Graph II (your "Core" style) and then click the link below that matches this behavioral style. (This high point shows what kind of behavioral style influences your thoughts and actions the most.)

(D) Dominance
(I) Influencing
(S) Steadiness
(C) Compliance

Step Two:

Take the Lifestyle Insights De-briefing.

Lifestyle Insights Debriefing

Step Three:

Develop your action plan!

Lifestyle Insights Action Plan

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