Taking Vtamins based on Your DNA

A study funded by the Department of Defense to find ways to help soldiers have more stamina and energy is finding it’s way into the mainstream.

Scientists at UC Berkely are uncovering more information about the human genome and it’s 25,000 combinations. They are learning how to prevent and cure defects and cell mutations that can cause illness and disease. This can all be done through nutrition changes and enhancements.

What they know now is that 600 chemicals in the body can be controlled by vitamin and mineral manipulation to help a person acheive optimal health. Chronic diseases may be soon thwarted by DNA based nutritional supplements/vitamins. In summary, to correct genetic flaws and cell mutations that lead to defects in our bodies, we will be able to customize vitamins and supplements based on our unique and personal DNA codes. 

There are many DNA vitamin companies out there now, ready to take your order. Since there is no official governing body overseeing the supplement industry, I would suggest using caution and care when considering DNA vitamins for yourself or family. As the old saying goes…If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Jack Witt