2010 UCNH Chamber of Commerce President’s Message

As we turn the corner into a new era of civic duty and business outreach, the Universal City North Hollywood area finds itself in the midst of perhaps the most exciting renaissance and facelift ever, and our Chamber of Commerce is a big part of the excitement.

The Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the new businesses, residents, artists and organizations that are continually moving and relocating to this dynamic and progressive area.

We are reminded that the strength of our organization is in the ideas, passions, drive, and commitment of people like you.  Getting involved and being active helps make our area a sensational place to live and work. 

The UCNH Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of synergy and team work with other local civic, business, and neighborhood groups; and we embrace and support their goals for the greater good of our community.

With pride the UCNH Chamber of Commerce carries on the spirit of our former administrations over the last century, and looks to the future to continuing to be a viable and reliable resource for all in the Universal City North Hollywood area.

Here’s to you, Centennial Anniversary!  We now move into the next 100 years with a challenge and a desire to consistently be the organization where business and community thrive.

Jack Witt
2010 President
Universal City North Hollywood
Chamber of Commerce

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