Break a bad habit in 30 days!

Research shows that it takes 30 days to break a bad habit and/or get into a good habit. So if you’ve been thinking about excercising more, eating better, taking up meditation, whatever it is, it’s time to create a 30 day action plan to reach your goals!  Keep your goals specific (ie: don’t eat late at night vs. eating better), realisitic (lose 15 lbs. this month vs. lose 100 pounds this month), and focus on one goal one month at a time. Before you know it, breaking one bad habit leads to better habits in other parts of your life.

Click here to access and print your 30 day Action Plan:  30dayactionplan_Onepage.pdf

Tip: Give a friend $100 with the condition to return it to you only when you’ve completed thirty days without fail. Who knows, if they are a great friend, they’ll pay you back with a little interest added on!

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