Heart Attacks increase during Winter Holidays

Statistics show that heart attacks increase during the winter holiday season. The main reasons are neglect, emotional stress, and overindulgence.

Many people are so wrapped up (no pun intended) in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season they tend to put off seeking medical help during the holidays. Combine that with the stress of the holidays (getting the right gift for everyone, spending, attending holiday parties), eating too much salty foods and foods with animal fats ( clogging your arteries), binge drinking ( which leads to atrial fibrillation), and ditching your exercise routine (weight gain and depression) and you have all the triggers in place that lead to heart attacks.

Decide to stay healthy and stress free this holiday season. Find at least 20 minutes per day for some type of physical activity, drink water between your alcohol drinks, meditate, eat more fruits and vegetables, and get enough sleep.

From my heart to yoursHAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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