Coconut Water-“Nature’s Gatorade”

Coconut water’s similarity to body fluids and it’s usefullness as an intravenous and oral rehydration fluid in the medical community, makes it a great alternate performance and hydration choice instead of those high fructose corn syrup laden sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade.

Coconut water has a slightly sweet, somewhat nutty taste and looks mostly like water. You can even get some brands with the pulp in it. (By the way, "coconut milk" is thicker and creamier and made by crushing and squeezing the liquid from coconut meat.)

Other benefits of coconut water include: Relieving constapation, kidney and bladder disorders, and vision problems such as glaucoma and cataract. It’s also been touted to reverse or slow donw the aging process, and balance the effects of acidifying foods so common in our modern diets. And, research shows that coconut water can improve blood circulation, lower elevated blood pressure, and reduce risks of heart attacks and strokes.

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Jack Witt