Health and Wellness the Mayan way

Rebirth can mean seeing things in a whole new light, feeling things with a fresher attitude, and making decisions (under pressure) by trusting in yourself and letting go of fear.

There is an inner light inside you that needs to shine, so this is the year to let it shine like it never has before. It’s the new you, embrace your body and your mind, and discover all the possibilities that you are capable of creating.

Feel your exercise and activity with a fresher attitude this year. See yourself doing things that make you happy and fullfilled that you never imagined you could do. Trust who you are each and every day with each and every decision you will be making in 2012 and beyond in your new world of rebirth.

(Jack Witt is a Health and Fitness Coach providing In Home Personal Training, Personal Training at Private Fitness Centers in the North Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks areas, as well as Worksite Health Programs, Corporate Wellness, Life Coaching Products, and Group Exercise Classes)

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