How to Lose Belly Fat

* Do plenty of weight bearing/resistance training on other parts of your body. Unlike cardio, when you train with weights or resistance bands, it speeds up your metabolism 20% higher for the following 48 hours. This way, your belly fat will start shedding away when you are not at the gym. It’s that "after burn" effect that really makes a difference.

* Drink plenty of water. Our bodies are about 65% water. Being dehydrated can actually cause your body to put on weight and body fat. Make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water each and every day. A little more in the summer, and especially if your workouts are outside in the heat. Plus, when you’re properly hydrated, you have more energy and endurance, allowing for better quality workouts.

* Get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep causes hormones in our body to be released that can cause weight gain, and guess where it usually goes…right to the belly! If you have problems falling asleep, consider meditation and clearing your mind each and every evening. Also, make sure to get off the computer and smartphone in the late evening, especially if you are in bed. Your bed should be your sanctuary, the one place where you give yourself permission to forget about all your problems and worries, and rest your body and your mind in slumber to recuperate and regenerate.

* Do situps and crunches every morning when you awake. Many muscles in the body need recovery time in order to develop properly and avoid overtraining, but the good thing is the abs aren’t one of those. So stay focused on your mission of getting rid of the belly fat by doing at least 100 crunches or situps every morning, even if you plan on working them out later in the day in your gym workout.

* It’s not rocket science. Don’t consume more calories than you expend. Make sure to be very aware of how many calories you are eating per day in comparison to how many calories you burn off per day. There are plenty of free Apps you can download on your smartphone that can help you with this. In today’s age of modern technology, there’s no excuse to not know how many calories you are consuming per day. No excuse!

* Keep your workouts fresh, dynamic, and ever changing. You may have heard the phrase "muscles have memory". Well, in a way they do. Their main function is to be ready and prepared for exercises/movements that you recently did to them. That’s why it’s important not to plateau in your workouts. Keep changing your exercises and build from one phase to another to keep your muscles guessing so your body requires lots of energy to get through the workout. Remember, energy is calories, and burning calories equals body fat loss, especially around the belly. 

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