Are we eating too much meat, even if it’s healthier meat?

The first thing to remember is that any animal protein contains cholesterol. So that means beef, chicken, turkey, fish etc. all have it. They all have varying degrees of saturated fat as well. So, while eating turkey or chicken instead of red meat will cut down on the fat part, you will still be aquiring the cholesterol.  Chicken and turkey have almost the same amount of cholesterol as red meat. (about 85 mg. per 3.5 ounce serving) Fish isn’t far behind at about 60 mg. per serving. (Fatty fish such as salmon does contain Omega 3’s, which are heart healthy though.) It’s important to also note that animal protein does not contain any fiber.

Cholesterol quick facts:

Cholesterol intake above 300 mg per day is harmful. High cholesterol foods to avoid will have 60 mg and up per serving. Moderate cholesterol foods will have 59-16 mg per serving. Low cholesterol foods will have 15 and under per serving.

Saturated Fat quick facts:

Consuming more than 20 g of saturated fat per day raises your blood cholesterol count and contributes to your risk for atherosclerosis. Dangerous high fatty foods contain 4 g or more per serving.

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