Career Day at Canoga Park Elementary Fun for All

The students were very interested in learning about what the typical day of a fitness and health coach is like. They asked me questions like what inspired me to become a fitness coach and how much money I make. (I told them Math was an important subject to learn so they could add up how much money they make after their clients pay them for daily training sessions!)

I demonstrated some exercises that I might have some of my clients do; and we talked about eating healthy, getting enough sleep and staying active. We even discussed how many muscles and bones the human body has.

Each child shared their favorite fruit with the class, and I gave away some of my GET FIT WITH WITT canvass shopping bags to the first kid in each class to guess correctly how many muscles the human body has. (Answer: about 600)

I look forward to sharing my experience as a health and fitness coach with more Elementary Schools in the future. It’s exciting that the fitness industry is a mainstream career now like Police, Dentists, and Lawyers. And I’m even more excited about how fitness and health will be an integral part of these kids’ daily routines as they become teenagers and young adults.


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