Worksite Health Promotion and Corporate Wellness-Fast Facts


Fast Facts: 

 Every $1 invested in employee health and wellness programs results in a $3-$5 return on investment.

– It is estimated that obesity costs employers more than $73 billion annually.

– Back and spinal injuries constitute up to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims in the U.S. 

– Smokers are absent from their job an average of 2 to 5 days more per year than nonsmokers.


– Since 1980, the incidence of cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis has risen nearly 600%.


– Each substance abuser costs his/her employer more than $7,500 per year in lost productivity, increased medical care, and damaged property.


– 8 of 10 employees feels stress on the job, and half of them express a need for help in managing their stress.




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