Exercise and Massage Therapy to Eliminate Cancer

All the way back in 1931, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Walburg proved cancer is mainly caused by lack of oxygen in cells. Poor oxygenation comes from a buildup of carcinogens and other toxins within and around cells, which blocks and then damages the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism. Clumping up of red blood cells slows down the bloodstream, and restricts flow into capillaries. This also causes poor oxygenation. Even lack of the proper building blocks for cell walls, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, restricts oxygen exchange.

82 years later, we’re still trying to figure out how to eliminate this disease that kills 7.5 million people worldwide annually.

Some strategies that we could easily adopt in order to try to prevent cancer cells from building up in our bodies relates back to oxygen. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.

Now, there are several ways to significantly increase oxygen levels in your cells so that you can kill cancer cells and also prevent them from spreading. The most effective way is to take an oxygen supplement that will literally produce much more oxygen in your cells. However, studies have shown side effects and risks involved with this type of therapy, which even includes consuming hydrogen peroxide. And, it lacks conclusive evidence from research studies. Another way is to increase the efficiency of the mitochondria (your cell’s power plant), enabling it to utilize the oxygen to create energy aerobically. The mitochondria that become damaged by lack of oxygen cannot produce energy using oxygen, leading to the development of cancerous cells. Therefore, exercise and working out, which promotes efficient mitochondria, is a safe and solid choice to help get that oxygen to your cells. And finally, you can enhance circulation so that more oxygen and vital nutrients get to your cells. We all know that massage therapy substantially helps to increase circulation.

By increasing oxygen in your cells, and its utilization, you will go a long way towards eliminating cancer. So go grab a good workout and schedule a massage afterwards. How can you go wrong?!

Source: CDC, cancer.org and cancerfightingstrategies.com

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