Getting in Shape for your Same Sex Wedding

Before those gay marriage wedding bells ring, here’s some great "couple’s" exercises to get in shape for the big day: (And yes, straight couples can do these too!)

Back to Back Resistance Jog

1. Standing up with your backs touching, squat about 1/4 down with legs about shoulder width apart and feet pointed slightly outward.

2. Person A will use their leg muscles and push into the back of Person B, who is resisting. The aim is to jog backward against the resistance of your partner for about 10 yards.

3. Switch roles on the way back as Person A now adds the resistance and Person B is the pusher/jogger. 

4. Perform this about 10 times back and forth.

Plank hand Claps

1. Get into a straight arm plank position facing each other, about 6 inches apart. Hands and toes are the only things touching the floor. The rest of your body should be up and almost parallel to the floor. Engage your core by drawing your naval into your spine.

2. As if playing "Pat-a-cake", each of you simultaneously lifts one hand up (it should be the hand diagonally across from your partner’s hand) and claps the hand of the partner’s, and quickly places it back on the floor. 

3. Repeat with the other hand, for a total of 30 claps (15 for each hand).

Partner Passovers

1. Lie down on your backs with the tops of your heads almost touching each other. Legs and arms straight.

2. Person A clasps a Swiss Ball between their feet using their ankles and lifts it up and passes it to their hands, while keeping their legs and arms straight.

3. Person A now passes the ball to Person B’s hands, and then Person B’s hands pass it to his/her legs and touches the ball back down to the floor on their side.

4. The cycle is repeated as Person B lifts the ball back up with their legs and passes it to his/her hands which in turn pass it to Person A’s hands and then to his/her legs and back down. Remember to keep your arms and legs straights the entire time for optimal effectiveness.

5. Repeat for 15 repetitions. (The swiss ball must pass all the way between person A and person B for a complete repetition.) 

I now pronounce you…IN SHAPE!

Update: I’m excited to announce my partnership with LIFT West Hollywood and in promoting couple’s workout packages for people wanting to get in shape for their gay weddings.

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