Lifestyle Insights Report-Created by YOU for YOU

You’ll take a quick 10 minute assessment online, and a customized 18 page report is generated that paves the way for you to self-discovery. A Lifestyle Insights Report helps you to stop stressors before they happen, break bad habits, tap into your personal energy, regain any lost joy, and get truly motivated to make positive changes in your life. You’ll get to know yourself better, slow down the aging process by understanding how your body’s inter-related systems affect you. The Lifestyle Insights system then helps you to create a 30 day action plan, based on your personal self discovery process.


The cornerstone of your Lifestyle Insights Report is the DISC measuring tool, which helps you gain valuable insight into your unique behavior style. It’s important to understand why if your natural and adapted styles don’t match up enough, you are probably under too much stress and pressure putting your “mask” on everyday. With Lifestyle Insights Reports, by understanding your individual style; which includes insight into your strengths and areas needed for improvement, you can reach your full potential.


To view a Sample Report click on this link: Smith_Jamie_Lifestyle_Insights_Report.pdf  Order yours today for only $99. It includes your Lifestyle Insights Report and Self- Guided Workbook along with online tools. As a Professional Certified Behavioral Analyst, I’m personally available to guide you through a 60 minute telephone debriefing session for an additional $60. 



Jack Witt is a Health and Fitness Coach providing In Home Personal Training, Personal Training at Private Fitness Centers in the North Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks areas, as well as Worksite Health Programs, Corporate Wellness, Life Coaching Products, Keynote Speaking, and Group Exercise Classes.



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