10 New Year’s Do’s and Don’ts

1.) DO – Enjoy more quality face to face time with good friends and family DON’T – keep looking down at your phone every time there’s a short pause in conversation

2.) DO – Take more hikes and nature walks DON’T – always rely on indoor treadmills and stationary bikes

3.) DO – Go to bed earlier and experience the benefits quality slumber DON’T – bring your phone and electronic devices into bed with you

4.) DO – Volunteer in your community for a worthwhile charitable cause DON’T – only just give money all the time to charity

5.) DO – Meditate / practice mindfulness at least 3 times per week DON’T – Veg out in front of the TV every night

6.) DO – Be humble, have gratitude and laugh at yourself DON’T – Take yourself so seriously

7.) DO – Find something you enjoy like a hobby and do it regularly DON’T – Work and stress yourself to death

8.) DO – Eat more fruits and vegetables DON’T – Eat large portions and processed foods

9.) DO – Learn something new this year DON’T – think your too old to learn something new this year

10.) DO – Keep reaching for your life’s purpose and passion DON’T – get too comfortable and think you know it all


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About the author: Jack Witt is a Los Angeles based Health and Fitness Coach, Author, Speaker , Healthy Community Organizer and Active Travel Specialist. His other websites include www.ActiveWorldJourneys.com and www.HiketheHolyLand.com and  www.SilverSailings.com


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