Celebrating 10 Years with EngAGE – a NonProfit

For the past 10 years I’ve had the pleasure to offer my fitness, wellness, and active lifestyle services for a nonprofit organization called EngAGE, which provides programing to thousands of older adults and families living in affordable apartment communities in California, Oregon, and Minnesota. The tailored programing is free of charge to residents and focuses on well-being and the arts.


My tenure has included on-site and virtual classes in the Los Angeles area at The NoHo Senior Artist Colony, The Piedmont, and The Burbank Senior Artist Colony.  The classes I teach have been developed by me specifically for the active senior population and include “Full-Body Fit Band Workout”, “Gym Circuit Training”, “Aqua Aerobics”, and “Chair Volleyball”. In addition, I’ve taken the residents on numerous monthly field trips around Los Angeles that we call “Active Excursions”, and we visit museums, attend special events & festivals, and explore culturally significant landmarks. EngAGE lays the foundation for intentional community, and I get to help motivate their participants to take charge of their health and wellness within that platform.

In my experience collaborating with them, I’ve come to realize that EngAGE cares about and puts people first. And this has also been a key tenet of my private healthy lifestyle coaching at “Get Fit with Witt”. It’s so rewarding to provide older adults with a sense of connection, purpose, support, and overall, better health and longevity. And in an age where all the buzz is all about Artificial Intelligence, it’s really important to embrace the essence of humanity and our unique shared journeys through life.


I believe we must always strive to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that seniors have, which is so vital for the development of our society as whole. Let’s all embrace and nurture our relationships with older adults, they have generally lived an interesting life, and have lived through many changes and experienced all of life’s ups and downs. If a child’s life is like a piece of paper on which we all leave our mark, a senior’s life is like a precious gem that we should keep shined up.


I look forward to continuing to partner with EngAGE and the older adult population they serve in order to improve their health and be a part of inspiring and empowering participants to do what they do best at the same time!

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Jack Witt