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What does your ideal fitness and health environment look like?


In today's health and fitness world of online Groupon deals, smartphone apps, trendy fitness products, and danger & adventure filled marathons and run-walks, there's so much to choose from to get in shape and stay active. And, that's a great thing.

However, it might be time to step back and determine ultimately what your ideal fitness and wellness environment should be to keep you motivated long-term, reaching your goals, and staying fit for life.

Are you the type for Skype? Let's Skypercise!
Don't live in Los Angeles but want to train with Jack? Do live in Los Angeles but maybe have kids that keep you home-bound? Or, do you just need to shave off some drive time in your day? Well now there is a "SKYPERCISE" option, and all you need is a laptop, desktop, Ipad, tablet, or smartphone. It's easy! 
Diet and Exercise-it's more than meets the Eye

Go beyond the cosmetic effects of exercising and eating right. About two weeks into an exercise and diet program, start to write down and record other benefits you may be realizing such as, "feel more flexible", or "more energy and endurance at work", or even "sleeping better now".  After adopting a healthier lifestyle, the benefits to you will be numerous, each one building upon a previous benefit, until pretty soon it's a "snowball" effect of good things.  

Here are just some of the hundreds of  things I've heard over the years as a Health and Fitness Coach from my clients after they've taken charge of their health and wellness:
Caffeine Infused Slimming Tank Tops-Siilly Trend or Effective?

Recently my friend Cherie Higgins asked me about a clothing product she saw for sale infused with Green Coffee and brown Algae to "rev up the body's fat metabolism while creating a slimmer appearance". (And apparently the active ingredients withstand up to 20 machine washings!) 
How to Create a Fitness Support Network

Creating a network of support and throwing the message out to the universe every single day that you are adopting a healthier lifestyle is key to progressing into the true you. I'm not talking New Year's Eve, early January type resolutions of, "I'm going to get in shape this year", when a few weeks into February all of your fitness and health goals are forgotton. I'm talking true committment, a whatever-it-takes type attitude, "This is do or die."

4 Ways to Stay Happy
I recently went on a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii and happen to read about it being the #1 happiest city in America. Granted, it's on a pacific island that offers beautiful scenery and mostly sunny and warm weather. But, I started thinking about what creates the "aloha spirit" of Hawaii, which seems to exude happiness from all the locals there. Here are 4 essential ways I believe people in the top happy areas of the United States, and the world for that matter, achieve their happiness.
Health Matters in 2014
I recently got a chance to live stream into the Clinton Foundation's annual "Health Matters" conference in La Quinta, CA and it was very informative and thought provoking. The conference focuses on healthcare and wellness in the USA. I've put together a brief overview of the day's panel discussions to share with you so that you may see where we are at with wellness in America and what direction things are going in.
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