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My new Books are like having your own Personal Trainer!

Ladies, do you have problems with Cankles, Bat Wings, Thunder Thighs, or Muffin Tops? Gents, do you have a Beer Belly, Chicken Legs, Wimp Arms, or even the dreaded Man Boobs? My debut full color ebooks and paperback books with lots of illustrations and step-by-step instructions can help you shape up and ship out those problem areas.

Why making a Lifestyle Change can be Difficult

20% of people are ready to take action and make a change in their lives at any given moment. But why does it take a lifetime for some people to make a change, and others just act on it and swiftly make lifesytle changes?

Going Green is Nuts!

Nuts are a healthy snack, chock-full of ingredients to help you stay in shape and lower your risk of heart disease. They do contain fat, but it's the good fat your body needs a small certain amount of.

Fitness and Health Social Media Conference Inspires


   The 2013 Fitness & Health Social Media Conference was held in the Boulder and Denver areas of Colorado. Being the end of September, it was a great time of year to go to Colorado as the weather was mostly sunny and 70F and the leaves of the trees were changing colors. Here's what happened:

Portion Distortion
Food portion sizes have gone up drastically in the past few decades. Americans now eat 100 pounds more food per year than we did back then. Our bodies just don't require that amount of extra stored energy per meal or snack (which ultimately gets turned into fat on your body).
Mind Body Soul for Seniors
  I'm simply delighted to be teaching a "Mind, Body and Soul for Seniors" class on Thursdays from 10:30a-11:30a at At One Fitness in North Hollywood.
The 15 Minute Hotel Room Workout
   It's never easy to get a workout in when you are on the road travelling. Hotel chains like the Hilton have introduced cardio and yoga rooms where the workout equipment is right their in your room! However, not all of us can afford to have a private gym right inside our hotel room. Most hotel chains do have a fitness center, but sometimes it's even hard to make time to get down to one for a workout. So when you are on the go and have limited time, but still want to fire up your metabolism and get the blood pumping, the first thing you should do when you wake up is this 15 minute full body hotel room workout where you won't need any equipment and just a little space.
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