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Costa Rica Adventure Trip was Fun and Exhilerating

Happy to announce my first ever international "Travel with the Trainer" adventure trip this summer to Costa Rica was awesome. We had 10 people ranging in ages from 30-65, comprising of males and females. It was a blast. Here's what we did:

Getting in Shape for your Same Sex Wedding
   The Supreme Court of the United States has "exercised" its power regarding the Defense of Marriage Act and California Proposition 8, and you and/or a family member or friend may now want to plan for a same sex wedding.  So you gotta look and feel good right?! A couple's workout can be an effective way to get in shape while encouraging each other on, holding each other accountable and possibly engaging in some friendly competition while doing it.
Bringing function and mobility back for Seniors

We all have family and friends that are in their 80's and 90's and maybe even 100 plus years of age. Many illnesses start coming with these ages that can slow down a senior's momentum in life. And should an unfortunate accident occur and they break a leg or shatter their hip it can be debilitating and often leads to less mobility and a tendency for the senior to give up hope and settle in to a cripple mindset. So how do we get them back into shape so they can be mobile and optimize their ability to perform normal daily activities?

Mt. Wilson Hike

Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday, May 25th at 6a. The Fit Witt Fun Club returns with a hike up Mt. Wilson, a roughly 15 mile roundtrip with a challenging elevation gain and summitt at about 6,000 ft. This hike will take about 8-10 hours round trip.

Easy Worksite Health Promotion Programs for Small Business
Small business is the driving force of the economy, making up more than 95% of employers. As your business grows, healthy and fully engaged employees are the keys to longevity and success. Worksite Health Promotion and Office Wellness Programs are an effective solution. They can be as basic or as comprehensive as a company's needs, goals, and/or budgets.
Jack's Private Personalized Exercise Therapy for Seniors
   Many seniors are discovering the benefits of a Private Exercise Therapy Coach to help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities from injuries or disease.
Active Vacations and Adventure Travel

   Ahhhh....V A C A T I O N. Getting away from our crazy and hectic everyday lives and letting loose and forgetting about all of our worries and stressors. But for some people, vacations mean overeating and not moving around enough, resulting in weight gain. When you return back to your job and normal life, your pants are tight, you lose that "high" vacation feeling within a couple days, and any hopes of being re-charged and reinvigorated start to vanish.    

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