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Worksite Health Promotion and Corporate Wellness-Fast Facts
  Traditional Workplace Wellness Programs used to focus on things like flu shots, blood pressure checks, gym memberships and the ocassional massage therapist on Fridays. However, companies and organizations are now realizing the importance and benefits of implementing a customized program that helps employees modify their behavior, make positive lifestyle changes, stay motivated and have access to on-going support tools and resources. Here's some Fast Facts about Employee Wellness Programs.
Current Top Workout and Diet Trends, Spring 2013

Spring is here (at least in LA anyway), and the summer fun is just around the corner. Outdoors, beaches, hikes, and barbecues are now in our sights. But is your exercise routine going to get you into the shape you need to be in so you can have a most memorable summer? In this article, I examine some of the current top workout and diet trends, and point out the pros and cons of each.

How to get rid of "Man Boobs"
  Man Boobs. It's that excess fat stored in the chest on some guys. Sometimes referred to as "Moobs". They droop a little, and can jiggle with sudden movements. You may remember that classic "Seinfeld" episode, "The Mansierre" where Kramer developed a bra for guys (The Bro) who were suffering from a little too much "extra luggage on the top floor".
Career Day at Canoga Park Elementary Fun for All

I recently had a chance to speak at Career day at Canoga Park Elementary School. I don't know who was more inspired; me or the students!

Optimize your Pantry for Good Health in 2013

Whole Foods Market Sherman Oaks East is making it easy to stock up and slim down with a list of their Top 10 healthy pantry staples for quick, affordable, tasty meals that won’t break the bank.

14-Day Blast Off

It's the new year and you are committed to harnessing your health and fitness in 2013. Whole Foods Market, Sherman Oaks East and Get Fit with Witt! are teaming up to bring you a special 14 day health and wellness promotion to give you the tools you'll need to succeed. It's called the 14-Day Blast Off and it kicks off with a Free event Saturday, January 19th at Noon at the store.

Affirmations 101
Some of you may remember the Saturday Night Live skit with Stuart Smalley, the loveable guy who always repeated affirmations to himself in the mirror. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."
Well, the character played by now United States Senator Al Franken was doing something all of us should do everyday of our lives to develop more positive perceptions of ourselves, change harmful behaviors and/or accomplish goals. Affirmations can help us to re-wire our negative thoughts about a situation or ourselves, and help us break bad habits as well as make good quality changes in our daily lives.
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