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How do other countries stay so thin?
After a recent trip to Paris it dawned on me that I really didn't see any overweight people the entire time I was there. Everybody was generally speaking; in pretty good shape. Maybe it's the pressure of living in the fashion capital of the world. I mean how else are you going to get those skinny designer jeans on?
LA Metro and Fitness
   Go Metro and save at GET FIT WITH WITT! Metro provides bus and rail transportation to GET FIT WITH WITT! For your best route or more info, visit the Metro Trip planner online or call (323) Go Metro (323.466.3876)
Flex your Gratitude Muscle

By being grateful you activate the part of the brain that is associated with positive emotions and you deactivate your amygdala, the part of the brain that ignites fear, hurriedness, and stress.

How to get rid of "Chicken Legs"

We’ve all seen the guy in the gym with a big, massive muscular upper body reminding us of a super hero, but then one glance below the waist reveals a horrible epidemic amongst gym rat types; chicken legs. How can some guys be so impressive and intimidating from the waist up, yet so weak and weary looking from the waist down? Most skinny legs can be attributed to simple neglect.

How to get rid of "Poochies"
Also known as "Fatty Knees", it's that fat pocket just above and/or slightly to the side of your knee cap where your quadricep (thigh) muscles end. It can keep you from wanting to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses as your knees look bloated.
How to get rid of "Beer Belly"
It may also be called "Pot Belly", "Jelly Roll", or "Muffin Top". While drinking too much beer can certainly lead to "Beer Belly", it can also be caused by screaming "Git in my belly" whenever you see junk food in front of you!
Be an Artis when it comes to Fruits and Vegetables

All the various colors of fruits and vegetables that we eat have specific functions to help our bodies operate optimally and to fight off sickness and disease. So do a color check this week on your fruits and veggies and determine what color(s) you are lacking and may need to get more of. Then, be an artist next time you go to the grocery store. Your shopping cart is your pallet, and you need to fill it with all the variety of colors of fruits and vegetables as you can. Here's an overview of the various color groups of fruits and veggies and what they specifically do for you. 

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