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Enhance your Crunches and Sit-Ups and get Six Pack Abs

Every now and then our bodies reach a plateau in our exercise routines, and it gets harder to lose weight and body fat. That's when you want to "shock" and "trick" your body into responding by increasing your intensity and/or doing your favorite exercises with a variation.  Try enhancing your traditional ab and core exercises like "crunches" and "sit ups" with these dynamic variations for ultimate results:


Childhood Obesity: How it Happened and What can we Do

Did you know 80% of American Kids will be overweight or Obese by 2030? Childhood Obesity is a serious threat and needs to be handled with a sense of urgency. Find out how it all happened, where we are now, and how it's going to take a mammoth effort by schools, parents, doctors, governments, and fitness professionals to solve it.  Childhood_Obesity_Research_Paper.pdf

Get Your Body to use its Fat for Fuel


Your body is like a hybrid car. It can use various forms of stored energy for fuel such as carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. It can switch on and off between these energy sources. During exercise, fat and glucose are the major sources of the fuel. So how do you get it to use most of your stored fat for fuel?


Clip those Negative Thoughts
What we think has an effect on how we feel, which, in turn has an effect on what we do. In sports, negative thinking has been shown to have an effect on performance. When self-talk is negative, it produces negative feelings, like anxiety, as well as physical tension, which leads to decreased motor coordination and speed. Try this PaperClip exercise to become more aware of your negative self talk.
How to Lose Belly Fat
Belly Fat: It's like a bad in-law, the first to arrive and the last to leave. You'll need some patience when trying to lose that "Flab" off your waistline, but once it starts going it's "sayonara". Here's a few tips to uncover your inner six pack abs.
Understanding why we Overeat and Binge

Every stressor in our lives causes a bad habit. Binge eating and overeating is caused by stressors we arenít managing correctly.



GoodWill Workouts: Where Fitness and Community Come Together
WHY: GoodWill Workouts is not just an affordable, great way to get in Shape, it's a way we can all give back to the community. We'll donate 10% of our proceeds to a local community group, this time is the UCNH Jaycees!
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