Internet Paralysis costing us “Me” time

If Al Gore actually did invent the internet, he forgot to include an automatic shut off devise so we could take some “me” time. In a term I dub as “Internet Paralysis”, we’re constantly glued to our computer, laptop, and IPhone/Android screens for work, family, associates, friends, research, and more.

You see it in the corporate world, executives and employees with blackberries etc. in that constant state of the slight head tilt sending emails and texting for their job. It may even be after 6p, but the work stays with them long into the evening cutting down on “me” time. Or, once they get home from the office, they still stay connected to the office email account and get some more work done.

You see it with your network of friends, family, and associates. Long threads of email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + conversations and responses that suck up your valuable time. Before you know it, you’ve been “internet paralyzed” right through your “me” time. The time you should have taken to improve your health and wellness.

You see it when you want to plan a vacation. You insist on getting the best deal and researching online travel sites to book your itinerary. Instead of calling a travel agent, you’ve worked your way through any “me” time you would have had researching to save a buck or two. Now you’re overstressed and really need a vacation. But, when you finally go on vacation, you find yourself going into withdrawals to check your emails…the thing that you were supposed to be getting away from. You just can’t help not knowing what’s going on out there in your job and network of friends and associates. So, you sprinkle back in some stress and anxiety instead of being on the beach meditating and getting more in tune with your spiritual self.

You see it with pop culture. Because of internet and social media, you know more about your favorite rock star, movie star, or celebrity than they probably know about themselves. Do we really need to know what nightclub they were walking out of at 4a last Saturday night? Wouldn’t it be better to discover more about us and our own spirituality and strengths by having some quality “me” time.

Maybe the best thing we can do to improve this situation is set a daily reminder reminding us not to forget our “me” time and stay in touch with ourselves. But, then again maybe it’s just…”me”.

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Jack Witt