Health Score Card for Kids getting worse

Unfortunately, what we’re doing to quell this problem in the US just isn’t working-we’re simply putting a band-aid on it and hoping it gets better. 

Kids are spending 4-6 hours per day in front of some type of screen (TV or Computer mainly). This sedentary lifestyle is fueling the epidemic.  Children also consume 19% of their meals in a car. Lets think about that for a moment.  I don’t have to tell you that a meal eaten in a car is going to more than not be processed, lack fruits and vegetables, and be high in saturated and trans fat.  Bad food management practices and lack on nutritional guidance from parents are also fueling the epidemic.

What can be done?  In your schools and community, work to set up a "Children’s Obesity Task Force" to develop solutions to the problem. The quick fix "band-aid" just isn’t solving the crisis.  Solutions that address the root of the problem should be implemented and followed-up on. 

First Step: Re-educating parents on physical activity benefits and food management best practices for their children and offering incentives through schools and church groups and community organizations for parents who promte a healthy lifestyle for their kids.

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Jack Witt