Body Scans-Taking a Closer Look

Pacific Health and Wellness and HOWS Grocery Store in North Hollywood are providing Body Scans at the Supermarket on June 23, 27, and 30 from Noon-6p.  HOWS is located in North Hollywood in the NoHo Commons Retail on the corner of Lankershim and Weddington.

Screening available are:

1.) Cartoid (Stroke) Vascular Screenings-The arteries in your neck. $49. To visualize the build-up of fatty plaques in the cartoid arteries, the cause of approximately 75% of all strokes. Time: 3-5 min.

2.) Cardiovascular Profiler-Hardening of the arteries. $99. Hardening of the arteries is the main cause of heart attack and stroke. This screening measures the (hardening) elasticity in the large and small arteries. Time: 7-10min.  (No caffeine or large meals 1 hour prior)

3.) Thyroid Screening-Cancer, goiter; hyper/hypothothyroid. $49. To visualize the existance of cysts and solid masses and the conditions of hypothyroid and hyperthyroidism.

4.) Osteoporosis Screening-Are your bones strong or weak? $49. To measure the bone mineral density as a way of determining the risk of fracture. Time: 3-5 min.

5.) Metabolism-No more fad diets! $99. Calories are how we measure the energy in the food we eat and the energy our body uses. Yor metobolic rate is how many calories your body burns on a daily basis. Time: 10-12 min. (No caffeine or large meals 1 hour prior)

* System uses UltraSound Technology, NO X-ray (No Radiation)

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