Listen-Your Body is Talking to YOU!

In the belly, they might show up as a spastic colon or as a cyst on an ovary; in the chest, they might manifest as a chest cold, asthma, or as a bronchial attack; in the pelvis, tension and blockage might appear as sexual frigidity or as a sciatic condition; in the neck, the conflict may be felt as tension and limited movement.

Sickness and injury can be appreciated as warning signals, nonverbal messages that your body transmits when you are not taking appropriate care of yourself. If you can learn to translate these somatic messages you can be more aware of your needs, passions, and conflicts.

So the next time you are sick or have a joint or muscle pain-instead of reaching for pills and medication, take a moment and LISTEN to what your body is telling you.  More info about learning what various pain and sickness represent in terms of trapped emotions and stress in your body can be found in Ken Dychtwald’s classic book "BODYMIND". 

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Jack Witt