No Time to Workout?

As Jay Kimiecik points out in his book "The Intrinsic Exerciser", There are two motivations for Exercise.

Outside In: People who workout to reduce disease risk, control weight, future-orientated etc.

Inside Out: People who workout to Feel Good, Enjoy, and be in The Present.

He points out that Outside-In just doesn’t work most of the time. It’s not enough emotion and passion to find and fight for the time to continue as an ongoing lifestyle change.  It has to come from within to be long term effective, hence to become an Intrinsic Exerciser. You have to experience exercise rather than just going through the physical motions. He has identified four components of the Intrinsic Exerciser Mindset:

* Vision. Allows us to reach into the future

* Mastery. Draw on your natural desire to improve.

* Flow. Staying in the moment during each and every exercise session. Leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction.

* Inergy. Energy that comes from the inside out. Inergy is about making connections among your mind, body, and spirit.

You’ll want to combine the four components as much as possible so together they can reshape your attitudes and experiences with exercise. Once these start coming together, you’ll subconsously begin to carve out and find time periods each week to exercise. Your time management will automatically improve and events in your life will start to shape themselves together to open up the time for your exercise and fitness.

Time is on your side!

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Jack Witt