5 Tips to Stay Sane this Holiday Season

1. Don’t wait for later, browse and/or get your Holiday gifts now. Even if you only have a couple hours at least start getting an idea of what’s out there and who your buying for. Make a list-check it off as you go, and note what stores/online sites have items that would be good matches for your list.  This will reduce your stress and free your time up in coming weeks for those unexpected things that pop up that will require your time and energy.

2. Start a smart food management best practice now.  You’ll undoubtedly be going to some holiday parties and partaking in some good egg nog or holiday baked goods.  So be sure to focus now on eating lean meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains now. This way-you’ll enjoy those holiday indulgences and not have a guilty conscience.

3. Start a "Holiday Calendar". Make sure it’s seperate from your regular calendar.  On this list all parties you will be attending, dates to ship any gifts by, dates to decorate the house by, and any other events/rituals pertaining to the Holidays.

4. Start a "Holiday Budget" Spreadsheet. Set a budget for gifts, shipping, decorations, wrapping paper, special holiday food, etc.  Record as you go and there will be no surprises come January. You may even have a little left over to make New Year’s even better!

5. Breath. Make sure to take at least 3 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to breath and get back to the present moment. It’ll restore your energy and focus and let you enjoy the special time of year we call "The Holidays". 

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Jack Witt