Fast, Easy, On-the-Go Exercising with Bands

You can purchase various degrees of resistance/strength with Exercise Bands which are sold at places like Target, Big Five, Sport Authority, or your local Fitness Center. (They are sometimes referred to as "Tubing" also.) If you are just starting out, I’d get the light band. If your a regular "worker outer", most likely the medium will be perfect.  The heavy bands are good usually for strong, male athletes who may need to use them for more faster, explosive movements.

Many of the bands come with a chart to show you exercises that you can do with them. Some even come with a DVD. Most of the exercises you can do by just placing one of your feel on the band while moving the handles either in a side lateral, pressing or curl movement.  There are literally hundreds of exercises that you can perform with exercise bands. If you’d like a Free "Tight, Tone, and Trim" workout emailed to you from me, just let me know by emailing me at

So pack ’em in your suitcase when you are traveling, or keep them by your bed for morning routines. All you need is 20 minutes and you’ll be sure to burn some calories and speed up your metabolism on the path to better health.

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