NOHOARTSDISTRICT interview with me on being Chamber President

I was President of the Universal City North Hollywood Jaycees (Junior Chamber) in 2006 and 2007 and led community events such as “Op Santa” where we delivered toys to needy children on Christmas Eve, “Childspree” that helped purchase clothes and supplies for deserving kids for back to school, and individual development and cultural events for our members. So, it’s a natural progression into the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. I strongly believe in being active and involved in community, helping others less fortunate whenever I can, and striving to grow personally and professionally. The Chamber of Commerce Presidency offers a little bit of all those things. I hope it’ll be a challenging and rewarding experience.

What do you want to accomplish as President?

I’d like to build up true synergy between all the local community groups and enhance communication between them. We all have the same goals and hopes of making our community a better, safer, and more dynamic place to live, work, and play. In fact, I recently helped organize a first of a kind community leader’s summit between all the local community groups. I’d also like to continue our Chamber’s outreach to the arts community, which is such a big part of the renaissance and excitement going on in the NoHo Arts District right now. We just announced a Chamber of Commerce Theater and Arts Scholarship for a local budding art student here in the area. Interested candidates can contact the chamber office for an application. Lastly, I hope to build up the Chamber’s networking events by making them fun and chok full of lots of interesting people, and a great place for local business owners to come and build relationships with future customers and referral resources.

I’d also like to introduce a “go green” committee for efforts into protecting our local environment and increasing energy efficiency, re-introduce a health and wellness committee to help educate and promote preventative medicine, and bolster the government affairs committee to be the go to resource for information on the pros and cons of local issues.

What will be different about the Chamber when you are President?

What I’d like to help make happen is the Chamber excelling into an exciting, inclusive, progressive, and active place where business and community thrive. We can do it, we just need you artists, business owners, civic leaders, and community volunteers to come out and get involved, step up and be a part of it all. Together we can all impact our local community in a positive way, and have fun doing it.

Why should a business join the Chamber now?

Because “now” is a better time than “too late” to get new customers and leads, to build relationships that will be sources of referrals for your business for years to come, and build up credibility for your company or organization by being a part of the Chamber of Commerce.

Where do you see the chamber in 5 years?

I see it being a great place for local businesses and organizations to build relationships. The Chamber will be a viable resource for linking businesses and interests on our networking sites. People can follow us on Twitter at, and be a fan on Facebook by searching “Universal City / North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce”. People can also blog on our website at Right now and in 5 years, the Chamber will have numerous resources that allow businesses and organizations to network, promote, and stay informed.

Tell me something about you….what you do for a living…..and anything else you would like to mention?

I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Healthy Habits Instructor. I help individuals, families, and companies take charge of their health and wellness. I offer dynamic personal and group fitness training programs, unique employee wellness tools, and am available to speak and conduct seminars on a wide range of health, wellness, and motivational topics. More info at or call me at 818-760-3891.

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