Attending Winter Olympics Inspires

Much like competing in a sporting event, in life we must set goals, pace ourselves, and take advantage of every opportunity to be the best we can be. Often times, we just go full throttle ahead in our lives, "competing in the game" without considering that even Olympic athlete’s know they can’t train at full pace all year around or they will overtrain and burn out. If we approached life like this, knowing when to take the foot off the gas pedal so to speak, and remind ourselves that are health and wellness is just as important in the long run as our careers, getting ahead, and day to day responsibilities. So taking some time off periodically is important. That time off doesn’t have to be time away, but simply a time to focus on where your body-mind is, how your inter-related systems are working together, and wheather you are living with being in the moment. Stress related symptoms are the reason for 90% of doctor visits in the USA. So find ways to decompress and de-stress..whatever works for you. It could be meditation, hiking, boating, bike riding, or even seeing a funny movie. As a "life athlete", plan your "life seasons" out well and incorporate breaks into your "life training routines" so you can reach GOLD in whatever it is you have set your sights on.

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