What type of Juicer should you buy?

A recent Center for Disease and Control report stated that only 33 and 27 percent of adults meet the recommended fruit and vegetable consumption of two fruit servings and three vegetable servings per day. Students consumed even less fruits and vegetables per day. In fact, only 32% and 13% of students met the daily recommended fruit and vegetable requirements.

But what type of juicer should you get? There are several kinds that have different advantages and features. Here’s an overview:

Centrifugal juicers are the most popular type. These units leverage a shredder disk that spins at a high rate which forces the juice to be separated from the pulp. There are 2 types – those that keep the pulp inside and those that eject the pulp as it operates.

Citrus juicers are specifically designed to extract juices from citrus products such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. These juicers are the simplest type and cannot be used for juicing other types of vegetables. Many of the centrifugal juicers have accessories that can be attached to allow for juicing citrus products.

Masticating juicers allow for the most nutrients to be obtained when juicing while also minimizing the oxygen, resulting in longer shelf life for your juice. They operate in a 3 step process which includes grating, masticating (grinding), and then pressing the juice from the pulp. These juicers are ideal for leafy green vegetables, which are not juiced very effectively in a centrifugal juicer.

Steam Juicers. These units use steam from heated water to extract the juice from fruit – the steam penetrates fruit skin, breaks down fruit fibers, ruptures fruit cells and releases rich juice from fruit. Steam juicers can also double as a steamer for cooking vegetables, rice, chicken and turkey, among other foods.

Wheatgrass Juicers. In order to juice wheatgrass, you will need a single auger or twin gear juice extractor. In addition to wheatgrass, these juicers can also process all types of other vegetables and fruits. The slow grinding process results in the highest level of nutrients.

Source: www.juicerscompare.com

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