Rope Crunches, good for the abs, easy on the back.

Set up: Connect a rope attachment to the end of a cable and adjust the pulley so that it is well over your head when kneeling down. Take the rope in your hand and lower yourself to a kneeling position so that you are holding the ropes just slightly higher than your head with the elbows bent. Begin with your body fully upright and the ropes in front of you.

Movement: Exhale as you pull with your stomach muscles to curl your upper body downward, pull your elbows in slightly so that your hands are pulled in close to the top and sides of your head. Hold for a couple seconds and squeeze your stomach at the bottom of the movement. After a good moment, slowly allow your body to rise back upward while reversing the motion of the elbows until you return to the starting position. The rope should then be in front of you and your hands should be at the level of your head. Do a weight that allows you to perform 25 repetitions.

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