Feel the spirit of the Holidays by Volunteering

Idealist.org is an online directory for non profit and volunteering resources.

Volunteer Match has a website that that allows you to enter your location and a keyword to match you with opportunities in your area and interest.

United Nation Volunteers gives the opportunity to help people around the world. Alot of it is online based and you don’t even have to travel.

The Salvation Army is a group that for many years has helped children with toy drives, and money donations.

Your City, USA. Check with your local city to find out about departments or programs dedicated to volunteering during the holidays.

Call your local homeless shelters, hospitals, or any other local community groups such as the Jaycees, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions Club, or Chamber of Commerce and ask about volunteer opportunities.

The list goes on and on but it’s important to be active and roll up your sleeves and help out. Go beyond just  sending money somewhere, you’ll get much more in the spirit of the Holidays by physically doing something to help others in need and/or less fortunate during this holiday season.

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