Become The Energizer Bunny

1. Eat a healthy breakfast. This a must and a no-brainer. You supply your mind and body with the energy it needs to get "out of the gates" and kick-start your metabolism.

2. RECOVER every 2-4 hours with any of these: a tall glass of water, some deep breathing, a posture check, a healthy snack, a call to a friend, sitting on a swiss ball, some shoulder shrugs, yoga, or a 10min. walk with focus on you.

3. Catch negative self talk. "I am so frusturated, overwhelmed"…Re-phrase it: "Even though I am frusturated, overwhelmed about…I am a good person". Negative thoughts like, "who cares anyway, it will never work, and its too late" etc. This will lead to bad habit and failure.

4. Mindset-Everything you do throughout the day (i.e., eat, exercise, dinners etc.) do it with an intention. Why am I eating? Fuel and every for my body so I will be healthy and strong. If you manage your energy you will sleep better, have more energy throughout the day, and have more time for other things.

5. In stress situations, immediately think, what can I do to make this better? This is important! Have a reminder of your mental rituals throughout your home, and in your car etc. Put reminders like a meaningful picture in your office, on your screen saver.

6. Pleae pay attention to how you are sitting, standing, moving, walking or working out. Head up, shoulders back and down, lift the ribcage and contract the abs inward.

7. Refocus; when old behaviors or habits resurface, i.e. frustrated, anxious, etc. Know your physical and mental warning signals, such as tension in neck and shoulders. Becoming conscious is challenging but rewarding. It is easy to go through life with unconscious behaviors but the outcome is hard on you physically, mentally, emotionally. Look in the mirror and what you see is a product of your thoughts (negative self-talk, your actions (how you move, sit, stand, walk) and what you put into your body.

8. Know how you want to feel at the end of each day and work toward that feeling.

9. Schedule FUN into your day! Blow bubbles! Call a friend! Take a mental vacation!

10. Email me your suggestions at and I will put them in my next newsletter for everyone to see!

This article is dedicated to my friend Deby Harper who passed away recently of Breast Cancer. Deby helped invent and bring to the forefront the Lifestyle Insights System. She was an early trailblazer in the wellness and fitness industry, and was motivated to develop and provide ways of bringing health awareness to the world.








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