Gamble on your Health, it’s ok with this Workout!

If you have a deck of cards handy you can do this workout almost anywhere.
You have to be committed to doing at least half the deck solo, or the full deck if your with a workout buddy. Ok, here we go…shuffle them up…..lets workout!
The suites on the cards will coorespond to these exercises that you will do:
Spades-Push Ups
Hearts-Jumping Jacks
Pick a card, whatever number you pick, you do that many repetitions for that suit. Face cards (Jack, King, Queen) are 10. Aces are only 1.
For example, if you pick a King of Hearts, you’d do 10 Jumping Jacks. If you pick a 7 of spades, you do do 7 push ups.
For an advanced workout, substitute these exercises for the suits:
Spades-Clapping Push Ups
Hearts-Tuck Jump
Diamonds-One Legged Squats
Stay motivated, work it, and don’t "fold"!

(Jack Witt is a Health and Fitness Coach providing In Home Personal Training, Personal Training at Private Fitness Centers in the North Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks areas, as well as Worksite Health Programs, Corporate Wellness, Life Coaching Products, and Group Exercise Classes)


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