We’re not Pigs at a Trough..Food is Fuel for our Body-Mind

When you are getting ready to eat, ask yourself, "Why am I eating this meal?". Is it to provide energy for your workday ahead? Is it to recover after a tough workout? Is it so you have antioxidants to fight off free radicals? Is it for the fiber to help clear out the cholesterol in your body?  Whatever the case, each meal and snack you eat should have meaning attached to it.
If you over-eat and over-indulge, try these tips:
* When you are hungry, wait 10 minutes before eating and then chew your food slowly. It takes 20 minute for your mind to tell your stomach you are full.

* Drink a glass of water before eating to make you feel fuller

* Eat more food that is less calorie dense (i.e. fruits, vegetables).

* Don’t eat 1/4 of whatever is on your plate. "Save that for the Devil" as they say.

* Don’t keep junk food in the house/apartment. This is a rule that I live by. Most cravings aren’t enough to make you get in the car and head down to the store to pick up some junk food. So, if it’s not in the house/apartment, then you won’t have it. And by George, amazingly, you’ll be thinner and leaner in no time!

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Jack Witt