Stop your late night Munching with a Teeth Whitening

Take a U-Turn at the Kitchen and head straight to the Bathroom where your Teeth Whitening Strips are in the medicine cabinet, put a couple in and can’t munch out! Head back to the couch, relax, and watch your favorite show now while brightening your teeth for that fantastic, award winning smile that will give you new friends, more business, more confidence, and more weight loss!

Some other suggestions to help stop the evening munchies are:
-Chew gum
-Suck on a piece of hard candy or cough drop
-Find a support group or friend that you can call, facebook, or tweet with to talk you out of it.

(Jack Witt is a Health and Fitness Coach providing In Home Personal Training, Personal Training at Private Fitness Centers in the North Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks areas, as well as Worksite Health Programs, Corporate Wellness, Life Coaching Products, and Group Exercise Classes)

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