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But what if you actually lost weight on a vacation while still exploring new sights, experiencing other cultures and customs, interacting with the environment and embracing a healthy lifestyle? And, how about if when you returned to work after your vacation you were in better shape, your endorphins were sky high, making you feel un-stoppable, and that vacation "ahhh" feeling kept going strong weeks into getting back to your normal everyday life? You’d be more creative, more focused and more happier for sure!

Well, that can happen when you take an active vacation and adventure travel.

Active vacations and adventure travel can be for anyone, no matter your fitness level. They can include easy walks, birding, horseback riding, and biking, or be challenging like caving and canyoneering or hiking up to a glorious mountain peak at sunrise. Their are even some more unique vacations such as dog-sledding, polar exploration and sea kayaking with a monk.

Almost anything goes depending on your imagination, budget and time. National Geographic and REI have popular adventure trips they advertise. Sites like can connect you with tour and travel companies that host trips to any area of the world you’d like to travel to and/or the type of activity you’d like to do, as well as whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, small group or family. Active vacations can also be woven into historical tours, religious and spiritual excursions, as well as political and social outings.

As a Health and Fitness Coach, I act as an "Adventure Guide" throughout the year, organizing and leading both domestic and international active vacations, giving people an opportunity to "travel with the trainer" so to speak. A group of 10 of us participated in a wonderful trip this past summer to Costa Rica where we went zip lining through the tree tops of a rainforest, whitewater rafting, hiking and camping on a mountain with several various eco-zones, did some activities on a beach, and visied a coffee farm. Future active trips and adventure travels that I’m hosting include Machu Pichu, Yellowstone National Park and others, The Holy Land (Israel and Jordan), Spain, and more!

So why not push yourself out of your comfort zone next time you are planning your vacation and immerse yourself in a whole new outlook on how you travel, meet people and experience the USA and the world! Who knows, you just might find it extremely exhilarating.

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