Caffeine Infused Slimming Tank Tops-Siilly Trend or Effective?

So you gotta ask yourself; “is this a silly idea, or can it actually work to reduce fat, and am I willing to smell like a barista all day just to lose a little more fat off my body?!”

In my humble opinion, the idea of wearing clothing laced with caffeine to stimulate fat breakdown sounds a little too good to be true, sort of maybe a passing trend or fad without much research to support its claims of “1 inch off the hips” etc.

Yes it’s true that caffeine can help mobilize fats from the fat tissues and increase your metabolism. Some studies have shown that caffeine can in fact increase metabolic rate by 3% – 11%. However, it’s much less in older and heavier people, and it’s important to note that people become tolerant of caffeine’s effects over time.

Moderate doses of caffeine are considered 200 – 300 milligrams per day, or about 2 -4 cups. Anything more than that and a person can get a whole bunch of side effects such as:

– Nervousness
– Stomach Upset
– Fast Heartbeat
– Muscle Tremors
– Insomnia

My guess is that you probably already get a moderate dose of caffeine with your consumption of coffee or tea each day and you really don’t need extra caffeine from your clothing adding to that. After all, insomnia (lack of sleep) causes weight gain, stomach upset leads to less effective workouts, and nervousness may lead to stress and de-motivation.

So keep the caffeine in your cup and leave it off of your clothes. With regular workouts, including resistance/weight bearing exercise, basic food management practices, proper sleep at night, and reduced stress; your metabolism will be optimized and safely burning off as much fat as it can.


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