So you wanna enter your first muscle competition?!

This was a first for both Wendie and I to enter into a bodybuilding type of contest as coach and client. We only had about 4 months to train for this competition/show so we hit the gym hard 3-4 days a week. 

Even while Wendie had a business trip in Israel for a week and I had a conference in Scandinavia for a week during the middle of all this, we stayed in contact with each other to make sure Wendie was progressing in her preperations and we were on the same page so to speak with the program and goals.
We both agreed that most of all during all this we wanted to keep it fun and not get too serious and caught up in our heads over the show/competition (which includes fake spray on tans, really expensive bikini’s, and slightly, well really exagerated poses on the stage for the judges).
At age 41, a husband and two little boys and also a business, Wendie proved that 40 is the new 20 and anybody can do anything they put their mind to and want to do! 

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