The Don’t list for the next time you’re in the Gym

Here’s 5 “don’ts” to keep in mind the next time you are at the gym.


1. Don’t try to strike up a conversation with somebody behind you while jogging or running (or even walking) on a treadmill. I saw somebody once fall off, tumble and end up about 5 feet away from the treadmill they were running on by trying to strike up a conversation with somebody behind them while they were jogging on the treadmill. Stay focused on your treadmill cardio and keep your eyes and head forward at all times.

 2. Don’t wear cologne or perfume while you’re working out. Your fragrance might be ok for dinner parties or going out on the town or a date, but in a fitness center where people are working out hard and therefore breathing heavier, it can be a real hinderence and even health risk to others, especially in a gym with poor ventilation and lots of people in close quarters to each other.

3. Don’t forget to use a towel. Yes, your sweat grosses other people out, and they don’t want it on the equipment that they are about to exercise on. Use your towel strategically on the equipment and place it where you might sweat more onto the equipment, and don’t forget to wipe the equipment down with your towel after use.

4. Don’t hog all the equipment like it’s your own personal gym. Yes super-setting is a great way to make an effective workout, but respect that others might want to use a machine that you’re using so be extra aware of others around you and pro-actively offer to them that they can work in with you.

5. Don’t do an exercise that your not 100% sure about. By this I mean a couple things: First, if you are just not sure of the correct form it’s best not to do it. I’ve witnessed so many injuries in the gym from people who perform an exercise wrong and therefore injur themselves (injuries can happen suddenly but alsocumulatively over time). Ask the gym staff is there’s somebody that can show you proper form. In most cases, there will certainly be a trainer who would be more than happy to show you. Second, don’t attempt an exercise with heavy weights without a spotter. Heavy weights that you are not sure you can handle means that you have to consider that can’t do it alone and need some assistance. Ask somebody if they can take a minute and spot you. Err on the side of caution! (Or you might be moaning “err” after getting injured.)

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