Supporting Local Food Banks during the Pandemic.

I recently did a food drive for The Valley Food Bank in conjunction with NoHo Senior Artist Colony and Burbank Muse Rooms . I had a a chance to safely sit-down and interview the Director of Valley Food Bank – William Hernandez.

How long have you been with Valley Food Bank? Join the team in March 2004 (16 years).

What keeps you motivated? What drives you?  Each and every day we receive feedback from struggling families how the food resources and other essentials have made difference to them and their family.

How have things changed at Valley Food Bank since the pandemic started? Great question, without any notice or time to prepare we shifted gears to acquire as much food as we could distribute – then needed to convert our farmers market style of distribution to comply with social distancing and minimum to no contact distribution.  We served 10,000 additional families last month.  Lots of food but happy that support has continued to make this happen.

What type of community and civic partners do you typically team up with?  Anyone and everyone that wants to help – Elected officials have be great (Councilwoman Monica Rodriquez and Councilman John Lee), The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as well as several Rotary Clubs and foundations.

What’s the best way people can help? With the limitation of 10 volunteers per day to maintain social distancing and a safe environment for volunteers, best way to help is donation of food and hygiene supplies and/or cash.

When things get back to normal, what’s ahead for Valley Food Bank? Jack, I believe with have established a new level of support to struggling families and will work hard to maintain sufficient resources to continue our campaign – Fighting Hunger – Feeding Hope.

If you’d like to make a donation to Valley Food bank please click this link:  And here’s the volunteer link:

Remember, we are all still #InthisTogether

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