These 3 Factors Inhibit Blood Flow to your Brain
  The 1st factor that inhibits blood flow to the brain is caffeine. Coffee, Tea, Soda, Energy Drinks are all culprits when consumed daily in excess. Try to stick to just 1 cup of coffee or tea a day, and eliminate sodas and artificial energy drinks from your diet completely. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you'll have more focus, energy and clarity by significantly reducing your daily caffeine doses. The 2nd factor that inhibits blood flow to the brain is sugar, especially processed. We Americans consume almost 100 grams of sugar a day! That's like 5 times as much as [...]
10 New Year’s Do’s and Don’ts
1.) DO - Enjoy more quality face to face time with good friends and family DON'T - keep looking down at your phone every time there's a short pause in conversation 2.) DO - Take more hikes and nature walks DON'T - always rely on indoor treadmills and stationary bikes 3.) DO - Go to bed earlier and experience the benefits quality slumber DON'T - bring your phone and electronic devices into bed with you 4.) DO - Volunteer in your community for a worthwhile charitable cause DON'T - only just give money all the time to charity 5.) DO [...]
Off the Grid in Berlin – How 7 days without a cell phone or email reawakened me
Like many people, I was fascinated by its tumultuous 20th century history, and was curious about why it’s dubbed the hipster capital of Europe and positioned to surpass London as the new start-up capital of Europe. Along with the fact that it’s the cheapest European city to visit, I booked a trip there with the exciting plan of picking up some new followers on social media by my hourly travel postings along the way. And I also wanted to just do a solo trip, which I like to do every few years, since I’m usually hosting groups on active tours [...]
Don’t forget about your Neck Muscles
And since so many of us have our necks in a constant forward-down position looking at our phones and devices, the muscles become overactive and weak, leading to stiffness and soreness, and also possible cervical vertebrae issues. It's important to include neck exercises and stretches in your fitness routine. Here's a few: Strengthening Exercises Chin Tucks 1. Start by standing flat against a wall. 2. Proceed to tuck your chin to your upper chest by bringing it straight down. 3. The back of your head should stay in slight contact with the wall. 4. Repeat for the desired repetitions. Manual [...]
Top 5 Ways to Recharge and Rejuvenate Mid-Day
There are a few quick natural remedies that'll kick your mind and body back into high alertness gear. 1. Drink a glass of water. Most people are chronically dehydrated. We just don't drink enough water. If you think you're drinking just enough, your probably drinking way too little. If you think you're drinking a lot, it's probably more like almost enough. Once you drink a full glass of water, you'll instantly feel more alert and energized. 2. Stretch. Most people don't take enough time for stretching throughout the day. Tight and overactive muscles can drain the energy right out of [...]
So you think you have Plantar Fasciitis?
Here's the deal, if you don't treat it, it could be become chronic. Most of the treatments involve daily stretching, but you have to be consistent and have patience. Here's some daily stretches you can perform to help with Plantar Fasciitis: - Lean forward against a wall with one knee straight and heel on the ground. Your other knee is bent. Your heel cord and foot arch stretch as you lean. Hold for 15 seconds, relax and straighten up. Repeat 15 times for each sore heel. Make sure to keep your knee fully extended on the side being stretched. - [...]
Reflections from the Inca Trail
There's something incredibly humbling about hiking on a trail of original Inca stone from 500 years ago. Most people don't know, but along the way to Machu Picchu, there are several Inca ruins to walk around and explore. Some were places of worship and sacrifice, some were agricultural terraces and some were Inca "hotels" of sorts for people making the journey from Cusco (the epicenter of the Inca empire) and the Sacred Valley to the mysterious city of Machu Picchu. We hiked through cloud forests, saw hundreds of varieties of orchids and other spectacular flora and fauna, got rained on [...]
From Passion to Purpose: How to Start a Personal Fitness Training Business
BOOK DESCRIPTION Los Angeles-based Personal Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach Jack Witt provides a complete start-to-finish guide to harnessing your passion for health and fitness, and creating a successful part-time or full-time fitness business. In "From Passion to Purpose", Jack coaches the reader through current and future trends in the fitness industry, challenges and obstacles of running a business, essential steps to starting a fitness business, developing your unique style, marketing and social media techniques, networking and community relations, and finally how to continually grow and build your business for maximum profit and a lifetime of loyal clients and referals. [...]
10 Reasons to reduce your Sugar Intake
What's happening is the sugar is triggering production of our brain's opioids - a key to the addiction process. The brain is getting addicted to its own opioids as it would morphine or heroin. Drugs have a bigger effect, but it is essentially the same process. In addition to throwing off the body's homeostasis, excess sugar may result in a number of other significant consequences. Here's a list of my top 10 reasons to stay clear of processed sugar from a variety of medical journals and other scientific publications. 1. Sugar feeds cancer cells and has been connected with the [...]
How to wake up with Intention
1. Drink an 8 ounce glass of water immediately upon waking. This rehydrates your body and organs, starts up your metabolism, flushes out toxins, and simply refreshes. 2. Do some standing hip circles. This is a great way to start to get the blood flowing throughout your body, while loosening up the hips and all the muscles that attach to it from your back and legs. 3. Do some neck circles. Many people complain of stiff necks after a night's sleep, usually due to ineffective pillows or old mattresses. Doing some gentle, slow neck circles will help to get blood [...]